Generic API Manufacturing

As generic drug companies work to provide a reliable supply of finished drug products, 国家授权正规彩票平台 offers a robust library of APIs and intermediates, as well as quality, safety and supply security.

国家授权正规彩票平台 brings more than 40 years of generic API manufacturing experience to its pharmaceutical partners. From our sites in Italy, Sweden, and the USA, we are a leading global supplier of generic APIs, which are manufactured to cGMP standards. We have always maintained an extensive catalog of generic APIs for both generic and innovator drug companies. You can count on 国家授权正规彩票平台 for end-to-end pharmaceutical production, including custom tailoring of particle size distribution (PSD) as well as impurity profiles.

Our generic API manufacturing offering is enhanced by dedicated, talented project teams that deliver responsive service you can rely on.